Theatre Company

Cast list for Elementary Show

This is an incredibly unique class that enables students to be involved in many aspects of modern theatre. While working together and making decisions as a “Company”, we will get to know each other’s strengths, improve upon our weaknesses, and put on some fantastic productions in  the meantime.

Daily Supplies Needed

  • Composition book for journaling (you will leave this in the theatre and write in it daily). Please bring composition book by Tuesday, August 23rd.
  • Pencil.
  • Pen.
  • Chromebook.
  • Textbook will be provided when necessary and stays in the theatre.

Academic Expectations

This class will be structured to model a professional Repertory “Theatre Company”. After we discuss individual and group goals, the semester/school year will be spent rehearsing and performing various theatrical pieces. For the duration of this class, students will participate in many theatrical endeavors including but not limited to:

  • Producing and performing several one act and full-length plays in repertory for semi-monthly showcase nights to act as fundraisers for the Theatre Department. Dates TBD by the class.
  • A student written/produced play to be performed for the elementary schools.
  • Preparing any IEs (including a One Act, if determined necessary by the class) for THESCON in December.
  • Writing and preparing student written/directed One Acts to be performed in the Spring.
  • Reaching various personal and group goals determined at the beginning of the semester.

*All students must attend or participate in AT LEAST ONE production (outside of those done for/in class) for each semester they are enrolled in Theatre classes. Following the show, students must write a critical review of the performance they have attended and provide proof of attendance (ticket stub, program, or a *non-flash* photo of curtain call). Ideally, this production will be performed at Heritage, but if needed, you may attend and review a production at another school or community/professional theatre.