Beauty and the Beast CAST List:

Beauty and the Beast Cast of Characters:

Please let Mrs. Willers and/or Mr. Fischer know if you will NOT be accepting your role AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

We have so much wonderful talent at Heritage! This is always a very challenging process for all of us.
If you were not cast or have questions about your placement, PLEASE see either Mrs. Willers or Mr. Fischer for any feedback.
First rehearsal will be taking place on: Tuesday, January 9th at 2:30pm in the theatre.

Belle - Vivian Romano
Beast - Orin Gotchey
Gaston - Justin Sperry

Le Fou - Oliver Hooper
Maurice - Anders Ladow

Lumiere - Jake Ladow
Cogsworth - Julian Harris
Mrs. Potts - Floren Kahan
Chip -Sarah Long
Babette - Lexi Lubotsky
Madame D’Arque -
Cameron Berry
Madame De La Grande Bouche- Lauren Clouse

Silly Girls/Napkins:
Claire Callison
Arianna Reid

Lilly Lockyer

Villagers/Dancing Napkins:
Brynn Arzola
Maddie Hause
Grace Meyers
Michaela Sirois

Maisy Ryan
Sydney Weaver

Cheese Grater/Enchantress (Featured Dancer):
Lucy Nell Weakley

Cameron Berry
Kyra Hause
Erin Larimore
Lily Morse
Madi Rivera
Sarah Smith

Cooper Causey

Rylan Montoya

Villager/Dancing Rug:
Shane Mitchell

Laney Cuthrell
Briana Gebhart
Zoe Hallock
Elijah Nason
Emmi Taylor

Jack Alexander
Charlotte Andersen
Charlie Graham
Sophia Henderson
Cole Mahlmeister

Matthew Merchant
Josh Morton
Foster Nicholas
Brenden O’Haire
Ben Schreiber
Samuel Trawick
Isabel Walker