Done to Death CAST List: Posted at 3:40pm today(Friday)!

Please e-mail ASAP to indicate whether or not you accept your role.

We have so much wonderful talent at Heritage! This is always a very challenging process. 
If you were not cast or have questions about your placement, PLEASE see either Mrs. Willers or Mr. Damon for any feedback.

Whitney Olive - Max Ching
Jessica Olive - Eden Farr
Mildred Z. Maxwell - Floren Kahan
Brad Benedict - Foster Nicholas
Rodney Duckton  - Charlotte Reichardt

Janet (Jason) Summers - Madi Rivera

Stephanie Mildaur - Megan Phung
Jane - Michaela Sirois
Gregory - Andre Knapp
George - Cole Mahlmeister
Martha - Lexi Lubotsky
Man - Brenden O’Haire
Girl - Ella Kates
Monster - Carter Perun
Secretary - Sydney Weaver
Box office girl- Beth Ramsey
Stagehand - Aubrey Weaver

***First rehearsal will be taking place on: Tuesday, September 4th at 3:45pm in the theatre. 
***You will receive scripts and schedules at the first rehearsal.