Theatre Company

This is an incredibly unique class that enables students to be involved in many aspects of modern theatre. While working together and making decisions as a “Company”, we will get to know each other’s strengths, improve upon our weaknesses, and put on some fantastic productions in  the meantime.

Daily Supplies Needed

  • Pencil.
  • Pen.
  • Chromebook
  • This class will be structured to model a professional Repertory “Theatre Company”. After we discuss individual and group goals, the semester/school year will be spent rehearsing and performing various theatrical pieces. For the duration of this class, students will participate in many theatrical endeavors including but not limited to:
  • Producing and performing several one act and full-length plays in repertory for semi-monthly showcase nights to act as fundraisers for the Theatre Department. Dates TBD by the class.
  • A student written/produced play to be performed for the elementary schools.
  • Preparing any IEs (including a One Act, if determined necessary by the class) for THESCON in December.
  • Writing and preparing student written/directed One Acts to be performed in the Spring.
  • Reaching various personal and group goals determined at the beginning of the semester.

*All students must attend or participate in AT LEAST ONE production (outside of those done for/in class) for each semester they are enrolled in Theatre classes. Following the show, students must write a critical review of the performance they have attended and provide proof of attendance (ticket stub, program, or a *non-flash* photo of curtain call). Ideally, this production will be performed at Heritage, but if needed, you may attend and review a production at another school or community/professional theatre.